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Quicken 2018 Installation Problems

While installing the Quicken for Windows one can face many installation problems, some of them are listed below and how you can avoid them. Before you call our tech support helpline number, make sure to check out our step-by-step resolution guide to troubleshooting Quicken software problems.

Quicken 2018 Installation Problem’s 

1. Not able to launch the Quicken setup program from the CD-ROM.
2. During installation it gives an error code 1310/ error code 1722/ error code 1603 etc
3. Error running installation of Quicken
4. Quicken 2018 Installer failure
5. Unable to install Quicken 2018 on windows


1. If you are installing the latest Quicken version i.e  Quicken 2018 then we request you to please check that the .Net framework for the Windows operating system should be Version 4.5x or better.
2. Before upgrading the software to the latest Quicken version, take a back of the Quicken Data file to avoid any loss of Data. Take a copy of the back in separate flash drive or any other storage media.
3. Use the utilities QcleanUI.exe and MSIClean.exe to Fix Installation Issues with Quicken for Windows.
4. Clean all Quicken versions, and then click Clean.
5. After installing the Latest Quicken Version , restart the computer
6. Import the backup from the media to get the working Quicken Data file or select the new Data file.

Follow the above mentioned steps to resolve the Quicken 2018 Installation issues on Windows. In case you are facing any other issue in the installation of finance management software on Windows 8,10 - it may be right time to call our Quicken technical support number for help. At least, you'll be proficient to assist them narrow down the issue by depicting the investigating steps you've effectively gone up against your own.


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